Thank God for false hair, ponytail and weave.
                                But NU-GRO grows hair, like you won't Believe!



"It's not too often I take other peoples word on a product...   But I've been using NU-GRO 2 - 3 weeks and my hair has really grown!  I was bald, but this is making my hair really grow.         C. Boutte,  New Iberia, LA  (Jan 2015)

"My hair is Sooo much Thicker and Longer..... and the Condition of my hair!  It's fabulous!  It's unbelievable!"     Sharon H., Atlanta GA (Dec 2014)

The NU-SLIM is great for Arthritis on my knees!"  Judith Y., Stamford CT  (Dec 2014)

"There is no product that grows hair as well as NU-GRO... It's phenomenal!"    
Lakesha H., Houston TX  (Dec 2014)

"My hair's been growing like mad!!
 "    Barbara J., Dallas TX  (Dec 2014)

All the products smell better than before!         Khalil B,  Atlanta GA  (Nov 2014)

My cousin was bald, now her hair is back on her head in 2 weeks!  My God-child's hair has grown down her back and is healthier and thicker than what it was before!                    Pat W, Franklinton LA   (Nov 2014)

Thank you for the awesome customer service. Nu gro really values their customers...
TIFFANY      W. Palm Beach, FL   10/24/14

It transformed my hair as soon as I used it!!  OMG My hair was so nappy, coarse and thick -- It became so soft and relaxed.  OMG        Vertise A, Newark NJ    Sept 2014

My hair is growing back!  I put a prem in it August 1,2014 and it took all my hair out around the side. I'M GLAD I START USING NU-GRO IT IS SO GOOD!  Thank yall for the good stuff!     Gladys     (Ordered on 9/4/14 - wrote us 9/12/14)

My friend cut her hair so short, she couldn't even wear a ponytail.  Now, in just 1 year, it's all the way down her back using NU-GRO!      Nicole B.     Hawaii     September 2014

Thank you, I love your product!  Used on my baby since she was 8 months. Now she's almost 3 and have beautiful hair.    Iris,   Brooklyn, NY      3/18/14

Today is January 11, 2014.  
I have been using Nu-Gro Hair-Gro Pomade and I have notice about two inch of hair growth since November 29,2013.      Raina

Thank you NU-GRO. I suffered from areata alopecia about four years and had bald areas on my scalp. I started with the natural kit and saw a difference in the first few weeks. After about two months all the bald areas had almost completely filled in. I use the natural kit on my kids hair and it made their hair very soft and manageable.   Lit 
I must say the product is true to it's word,it will grow your hair out.My hair has grown 8 inches people and I'm so pleased.      Sunshine

I had surgery and my hair was coming out so bad and it was dryer than normal. So when I received the Mega Kit, I decided to try the Liquid oil on a daily basis.  I was so impress how my hair came back to life. Today I wash my hair with the Mega Kit and I was more impress my hair was so manageable after not having a perm for a whole year. I press my hair it was so silky with a press. I can actually run my fingers through my hair without feeling crunch and crunch.  The Liquid GRO it's Awesome. Sincerely, Branae Tait A Very Satisfied Customer

I LOVE it!  It did AMAZING to my hair!  My hair was THIN, THIN.  It thickened my hair back up AND every little bald spot.           Pastor Washington, Dallas, TX   (May 2014)

It grew my hair out very, very fast!        Donna C., Lewisville, TX  (March 2014)

That Baby Spray is a miracle!  It detangled my gir's hair.   And, NU-GRO grew my hair so long in a short period of time.          Fredericka C., Harford, CT (March 2014)

The slimming oil worked fast on my thighs.  And I lost a lot of fat off my waist --- it's small now.  Elizabeth M.,  Chicago, IL  (Jan 2014)

Temple Balm gives my hair a glossy look, but its not real greasy.  Its about the best thing I've used in a long time.  I don't have to wash the heaviness out as with all the other stuff.   Doesn't stain my seat or headrest.  Doesn't have a strong fragrance.  Because of NU-GRO, my cousin hasn't needed a perm for 6 months.   Deloris M., Lynchburg, VA (Feb 2014)

The first time I used the shampoo, there was an IMMEDIATE difference.  Hair is now thick and pretty.  I love the product.  Tracey W., Buffalo NY  (Jan 2014)

The Slimming Oil is very, very good!   Judith W., Stamford, CT  (Jan 2014)

My hair's not shedding anymore!  The conditioner is AWESOME, and my itchy scalp is gone.    Rena M.,  Shreveport, LA  (Dec 2013)

Dear Readers,
I would like to share with you my wonderful experience with some of the Nu-Gro products I have been using and used already. The Hair-Gro Spray with moisturizer has been helpful in regrowing hair on my scalp in areas that once were not so full before. Such as hair closer to the forehead and ears. Thicker, fuller hair in this up-front region definitely helps to enhance facial beauty. It is natural to shed some hair as we comb or brush it. If I find more hair shedding certain times, this spray definitely quickly regrows the lost hair. In general this spray has helped give my thin hair a more coarser, thicker texture. It also seems to look darker too. I will mention that I use some spray on my eyebrows to thicken the hair there too. All I do is simply spray a tiny amount onto my palms and then use my fingers to apply the liquid over my eyebrows. It makes a difference within a couple days. The effects of this spray on my scalp hair have been noticed as early as just a couple days. This is an amazing product and works wonders fast. I use this spray twice a day, morning and night.

I have also used the regular hair thickening shampoo. This comes also in Sulfate-free shampoo. This product helps to thicken my hair, and helps make a difference the days my hair may have shed too much. I have tried both sulfate free and with sulfate. I have fine Indian hair, and I suggest anyone with this hair type to stick to sulfate free version. This is gentler on the hair and will control hair loss better too. I also have tried a shampoo that helps to fight dandruff. I love the sweet almond scent and it did truly control my scalp itching. However to have better itch control, these products must be used regularly. I try to shampoo my hair two-three times a week.

I also like the gray hair prevention shampoo. This shampoo seriously did seem to stop any more gray hairs from appearing. I try to use this twice a week, overlapping with the regular hair thickening shampoo. It contains lots of vitamins and Indian herbs, which also seem to reduce scalp itching.
I would highly recommend you all to use Nu-slim body oil. This has helped to serve as a detox product while helping me to lose inches off my body. It does make you us the ladies' room more often, but I believe that's how you are getting rid of waste products from your system.
I just put a little on my palms and apply in circular motion all over waist, hips, thighs, arms, neck, abdomen, buttocks. I did notice some reduction in cellulite. But more inches lost than anything else. I like the grape seed scent, but stools and urine will smell. If you can tolerate these smells, you will be ok.
The liquid hair-gro oil is another nice product that I use with my coconut oil on my scalp. I prefer oil free base but its a nice alternative with a sweet fragrance to it. Those of you who like keeping your scalp and hair oiled constantly may want to use this product regularly. I'm sure it will have the same hair growth properties as the rest of these products do.

In general I should say I appreciate the kind customer service experience at Nu-gro. Mr. Greg has always been kind and is always willing to create a product to help with my scalp itching/dry scalp. I appreciate your openness to trying new things to accommodate the customer. And Miss Nicole is also a kind lady who has been more than happy to give me advice on these products. I will continue to be a customer at Nu-gro. Part of the reason why you attract more customers is your kindness and caring attitude for our well-being!


(March 24, 2014)

I cut off the hair in my "kitchen", then used NU-GRO.  My hair is growing EVERYWHERE.  Its long again.  At my age, I'm surprised.  The spray with Moisturizer has changed the texture of my hair - its softer.  I love your products!   Dorothy T., Covington, GA (Dec 2013)

Its the first African American product that actually works good with our hair!    Carmenlita Thornton, Birmingham, AL (Nov 2013)

Your product really works!  My daughter was bald, and she has hair now.  Its growing all over!      Shenelle M., Hartford, CT  (Nov 2013)

My grand-daughters hair was to hers ears and not too thick.  After 6 months of using the Spray with Moisturizer, I saw her and I was FLOORED!  Her hair is now so thick - she cannot put a comb through it.  And its grown down past her shoulders!!  Nobody in the family has hair that thick.  Barbara, DC (Oct 2013)

NU-GRO is Very, Very, Very, Very Good!!!  I use it and my baby uses it.  We see a BIG improvement.  What I  like about it - it works FAST.    Marcia L, North Miami, FL   (Aug 2013)

My daughter's hair was messed up with a Quick-Weave.  NU-GRO grew it back into a ponytail, and grew back her edges too!  It works Fast and Quick!      Robin F. and daughter, Gabrielle,  Metro Atlanta (Aug 2013)

It stopped the shedding in my hair.My husband's scalp was red and itching, and his head was full of dandruff.  He used NU-GRO shampoo and it ALL stopped.  I can't believe it!   Tanja, Shreveport, LA   (July 2013)

I was debating whether to perm my hair or not - but the Flat Iron Press system does such a good job.  I love the way it makes my hair look... I get a lot of compliments!     Arlene D, Hugo, TX   (July 2013)

Mega Hair GRO Kit works really well! My hair doesnt break out anymore - and it got thicker.  Your LASH-GRO works really well too!     Shambra S., E. St Louis, IL  (Feb 2013)

 I started using NU-GRO at the end of January, I am AMAZED at how much my hair has grown.  I took my twists down and NO SHEDDING!  My husband was amazed at how much it grew!     Dionne D., Athens, GA  (Ordered Jan 22nd, 2013, Called with testimony Feb 6th 2013)

I called to tell you I LOVE NU-GRO!  My daughters hair was short after surgery.  I used the SUPER on her for 3 months, and now, her hair is longer than her sisters.  We're ALL using NU-GRO now.    M. Jackson,  Shreveport, LA  (Feb 2013)

I've been using it a few days and already I can see growth.  It's working very good!   Devina, Monroe, LA  (Feb 2013)

My edges had gotten so thin I was embarrassed to go out.  After using NU-GRO, within a week, I saw hair growing.  In 2 weeks, I wasn't embarrassed to go out anymore.  It definitely does work!       Patricia E.,  South Mills, NC  (Feb 2013)

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your products.  I first purchased the Hair spray about 4 years ago.  Right away, I noticed how it helped lessen the shedding I was experiencing ( I wear my hair in braids).  I then ordered the hair oils and love them, too.  But I was really impressed with your customer service.  About two years ago, I placed an order for the Petroleum-free gro Butter.  A few days after the order was placed, I got the nicest phone call from Ann.  She explained to me that you don't make the gro Butter in the summer.  She asked if I wanted anything else instead (of course, I did-LOL!!).   Just recently I tried the Thermal system--LOVE IT!!!  It works very well with my flat iron and I noticed that it doesn't burn like other products.  Keep up the good work. Thanks.         Tracey W, NY, NY  (Feb 2013)

The first time I washed my hair with NU-GRO, it made it soft and easy to comb.  I've used a lot of products in my life, but this is the best I've ever had.        Mary R, Minden, Louisiana   (Jan 2013)

My hair has thickened up and it is really long.  My hair is natural, but people think I have a perm.  I cannot describe how beautiful my hair is now.  NU-GRO has changed my hair texture.  I am so fascinated by this product. My friends are in awe of how long my hair is.     Barbara,  Tallahassee, FL   (Jan 2013)

For the first time in years, I wore my hair without a ponytail or wig!  I feel GOOD about myself!  My hair LOOKS good and healthy.  I am so proud of my hair.  I started using NU-GRO LAST MONTH.  This product DOES work!  My friends hair is to her shoulders!    Pauline A, Jacksonville, FL   (Dec 2012)

My sides were really messed up, and my hair had come out.  I figured my hair was gone and that it was no hope.  But MY HAIR STARTED GROWING THE SAME WEEK that I started using NU-GRO.  Now, its growing, its soft, its moist, its shiny and healthy... just like you said. I am very pleased with it!      Dorothy H., Los Angelos, CA   (Nov 2012)

"After 3 weeks, my hair filled out where the balding was! I highly recommend NU-GRO to anyone dealing with any form of baldness." S. Blalock, Beauty College Director, Louisiana

You just have no idea how THICK its making my hair! I can go weeks with no perm - and its still makes my hair look really healthy. Its been 6 months since I had a perm. My husband said "Baby, is your hair getting longer?". My son used the baby products and his hair is sprouting like weeds!! Monique S., GarfieldHeights, OH (July 2012

I walked into Sunny Beauty in Jonesboro, GA.  I was asking the  Lord "I need someting for my hair!".  My hair was broken and shedding badly.  It was thin and I had bald spots.  It shed so bad, I was scared to comb it.  I had already been to 5 dermatologist, and they wanted me to try something that wasn't natural.  My faith kicked in and I prayed in the store.  I wanted something natural.  Then I looked and saw NU-GRO.  Since I've been using this product, it instantly stopped my shedding.  My hair got fuller, thicker and my texture has changed.  I just LOVE IT!  It brought a change on my granddaughter and my neice.  I really love it.          Barbara McD of Hampton, GA

1. I want to tell you how much I love the Temple Balm, and the smell is great.  I've been using for 2 weeks and I see a difference already. 
2. I'm natural  and have a hard time finding a product to keep my hair soft and manageable.  NU-GRO keeps it soft and manageable.    When I use your roduct, I can pin my hair up the way I want - NO PROBLEM!  I had been thinking about going back to Relaxers.  I'm on medication and my sides had thinned out.  I picked up NU-GRO, opened it, OMG, they changed the fragrance!!  I love the smell!   (I had used it before, but you could smell the garlic).  Now, when I braid my hair, or do 2-String Twist, and take it down, the Curl-Definition is there - and it stays there all day.    Annette P., NC  (Sept 11, 2012)

Since I started using NU-GRO, I don't have issues with dandruff anymore.  My scalp is not dry at all.... I used to scratch all the time.    Marlaina W.,  SC  (Nov 2012)

Its already repaired the damage I had from hair dying, and I've only been using it about a week.   Tikylah D, Pittsburg, PA   (Nov, 2012)

All the products grew our hair rapidly.  I love the way it smells. Its been a blessing to my daughter and I.  I get Kinky twists or presses, and the Leave-In  conditioner makes my hair manageable, soft, relaxed and my hair combs out easy.       Tammy, Tyler, TX  (Nov 2012)

"I was bald for the last 20 years. I used to wear a hair piece for several years. After using NU-GRO for two weeks, I could see hair starting to grow. I have been using NU-GRO for several weeks now and I can really see hair growing all over my head. I guarantee NU-GRO is better than any other product on the market." R.B. West Virginia

That stuff has done WONDERS for me.  My hair was actually breaking - OMG, its made such a difference.      Kathy G, Lake Havasu, Arizona       (Oct 2012)

It really made my temples come back good.        Mrs. D. Lockett, DE  (Oct 2012)

My hair is SO much thicker, and not bald on the top anymore.  Thanks NU-GRO!   I used the Mega Hair-GRO Kit with the Spray w/Moisturizer.       Betty     (Oct 2012)

This stuff works MAGIC!  My daughters hair grew back in 3 weeks.  It grew quick, quick, quick.  I tell you, that stuff WORKS!!                  Dorothy, Los Angeles, CA      (Sept 2012)

It smells good!  And it grew my baby's hair.   Nicole K., Los Angeles, CA

It has really filled in my spots in the top of my head.  I used the spray w/Moisturizer.    Kelvin B., Duncanville, TX

NU-GRO made a HUGE difference in my hair.  No breaking!  I massage the Spray w/Moisturizer in my head at night, twist it, put on a cap, get up the next day with soft, smooth "Ready To Go" hair.   Lenore R., Roosevelt, NY   (Nov 2012)SLIMMING OIL: 4 pounds lost in 4 days. WOW! Started with Slimming Oil Monday, 5/28, weight 201. By Friday, 6/1 weight 196. This stuff really works!! MrGreg (June 2012)

SLIMMING OIL: I lost 8 inches in a month using the Detox Slimming Oil. Just had a baby and needed to get rid of my "pooch". It cut my appetite tremendously. Thank you for making the product. S. Williams, Houston (May 2012)

SLIMMING OIL: I lost 4 inches in my waist in 1 week using the Slimming Oil.  Dee Dee C., Shreveport, LA (May 2012)

SLIMMING OIL: Since I been using Slimming Oil, I lost 35 pounds in 3 weeks! My doctor said "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing." And he took me off some medicine!" A. White

SLIMMING OIL: " I am very pleased - I just rub on my stomach and wait for the effect. It's truly amazing how it keeps me "regular" which I have never been, and how effective it is. Thanks Greg, I am truly excited about your product and how great it works". Lela Williams, Shreveport, LA

SLIMMING OIL: "It does work! It cleans out your system" Deborah Harris, Shreveport, LA

SLIMMING OIL: "I used it for 2 1/2 weeks and I lost 12 pounds!!! I was wearing a size 14, and now my size 12's are too big. I grease down with it every night. " Demetice, Shreveport

SLIMMING OIL: "I had middle age spread (pouch). After about 3 - 4 weeks, I couldn't stop staring at my stomach in the mirror... Where did it go? I had energy, and some other good benefits too". GA, Louisiana

"I've been using the Olive Oil hair oil, and my hair is down to my bra. I recommended this product to my sister and my mom". Carla

I just can't believe my hair stopped falling out. I'm in love with it! My Customers love it! Adrianna J., New Orleans, LA (July 2012)

(Liquid Hair-GRO Oil)- That's the best oil I have ever used in my life! It doesn't weigh my hair down, keeps my hair moisturized and has a nice gloss & shine. The oil is wonderful! To me its a Godsend. Carol, Clearwater, Florida

Glue from quick-weave took out all my daughers edges. We tried NU-GRO and 1 week later her hair had started coming back. I didn't believe it! It does what it says. Mrs. Linda, Missouri City, TX

I had to stop using it - it made my hair grow too fast and I needed too many haircuts. Gladys husband, Jacksonville, Florida

OMG, I LOVE your products! It did a lot of improving in my hair. Rosemary B. Seaford, DE (July 2012

"My hair was Thick and Nappy.... Now its Thick, Straight and Soft" S. Williams, Lehigh Acres, FL (July 2012)

"Its growing my my hair real fast". Frankie W., Greenville, NC (June, 2012)

 My hair was thinning, NU-GRO made it grow real fast!! Its healthy and fine now. The Spray w/Moisturizer makes my hair feel like soft, moist cotton. It keeps my hair moisturized the entire day. Alisha, Dayton, OH (June 2012)

OMG!, My edges are AWESONE. NU-GRO did magic. First week, some hair, 2nd week more hair, 3rd week a LOT of hair. My edges are now FABULOUS. Cheri D., Shreveport, LA (June 2012)

I have twin babies... Hair started thinning. I got the Baby NU-GRO, now, they got hair all over the place!! I am very, very satisfied!! I love it!! (I was very skeptical, and I am very, very picky). Angela C., St George, SC (June 2012)

I want to commend you on your products. My hair is super, super thick! I am Very, Very, Very enthused with NU-GRO! Carla G. (May 2012)

It grew my daughters hair in less than 2 weeks. Her hair was to the top of her head, now its in the middle of her head. Darlene B, Bethlehem, PA (May 2012)

I ❤ your products. They are amazing. Hannah, Flint MI (May 2012)

I never had anything grow my hair like this. I spent over $1,000 on stuff, but this is the only thing that worked. B. Hopkins, Detroit, MI (May 2012)

1 bottle made the difference in the length of my hair (Spray w/Moisturizer). It stopped shedding. Look, I got to find me some more of this!... Everything else I was using wasn't doing nothing. T. E. Texas (May 2012)

My hair is Super, Super thick and its growing back on the sides too. Carla, Rayville, LA (April 2012)

Wow, my hair is really growing I found something that works!! Jean, Harker Heights, Texas (April 2012)

My hair has never been this soft since I was a baby... and it has thickened up. Barbara, NJ

Thank you so much, because surprisingly enough the VERY FIRST time I used your conditioner...I noticed a considerable difference in the hair loss when I rinsed my hair. I praise God for this!! Christina, Oregon.

My hair was dull and dry, but NU-GRO brought my hair back alive. It has a pretty texture and a pretty shine. For years my hair wouldn't grow for nothing. NU-GRO really made it grow. Don't need a perm anymore. Looks like I got good hair! Ruby, Montgomery, AL

I've been struggling with a condition called Trichotillomania for over 15 years. I became so bald on the top of my scalp that I thought my hair would never grow back. Its been about a month and a half of using NU-GRO Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair-GRO Oil and Oil-Free spray. I just looked in the mirror at my scalp for the first time in over a month and I can't believe it - THE HAIR GREW BACK!! I can't even tell where my hair was thin. Thank you NU-GRO! You're Awesome! Darby F, Towson, MD.

As soon as I washed my hair it felt different super soft and didn't feel like other shampoos and conditioners. I can comb my hair when its wet... Never could do that before like this because it felt like it was ripping my hair but now its great so Happy so far can't wait to see how long it gets in the next few months an also love how lite the hair gro oil is Thanks NU-GRO:-)..... Tiff E., PA

1) I SUPER SUPER LOVE LOVE that apple liquidy leave in (Oil-Free Lite Hair-GRO Spray), smells soooo good My hair super loves it, and I love putting it on my air dry hair during the day. Marthy, Hawaii

 2) I SUPER LOVE IT!!! My hair felt good with your original shampoo, cleans gently without making my hair feeling stripped, then i applied the condish, It made my hair feel like soft butter, no greasy afterfeel, I super love it. Marthy, Hawaii

For years I have worn sew ins and my hair would thin and break off. I discovered nugro through ATEEYA and constantly used the spray on my scalp. I only washed with your shampoo between sew-ins. I am seeing a dramatic difference with fullness and length. Thank-you. S. McGill, NC

I have used your Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray and Temple Balm and I can't believe how my hair has grown since my chemotherapy. I am ordering the shampoo for my husband and the eyelash extender for me. Thank you for making my life after cancer easier. Mrs. Gomez, Apple Valley, CA

Works wonderful on LOC'd hair! Clear spray, doesn't leave residue. Filled in my hair and thickened my roots. I'm very pleased with the product. Cindy, Portsmouth, VA

I just started using your products about a month ago and really love them. Thanks to you I finally stopped dreading washing my hair. Your Gro Maxx Shampoo and Conditioner is great! Thank you also for the Baby Gro Oil. My 7 month old daughter was born with a head full of hair which started thinning from laying on her back. At around 6 months we started using your products and her hair looks and feels great, not too mention she's gotten many compliments on how her hair is growing. Thank you for your great products! R. V. Alexandria, VA

"My hair has been off my head since 1983..... It started growing when I started using NU-GRO." Joyce, MI

"For the 1st time, I washed my hair - and could actually COMB it! I've NEVER been able to wash my hair and comb it out" Kimberly, houston, TX

"This is the ONLY product that I can truthfully say has helped my hair". Sandra, Milwaukee

I am very impressed with your products! I've recently been diagnosed with a mild case of hypothyroid and my hair started to shed. By using your products along with taking medication I have seen a big difference with my hair! After about 2 weeks my hair is thicker and more healthy plus the shedding stopped! I'm gonna continue using nu gro since the results are amazing! Your staff is wonderful and very professional on the telephone too! Keep up the excellent customer service!

S. M. Lawson

I love this product and recommend it to everyone and anyone I know. My hair was so damaged, that it was visibly balding in front. I was really scared, and didn't know what to do, and was afraid that very soon I'd be completely bald, and have to wear wigs all the time. Then, miraculously, I saw a video on Youtube recommending your hair growth products. I saw all the testimonials and videos and was moved to place an order, and I am SO glad I did. After a couple of weeks of use, I noticed a distinct difference in the texture and strength of my hair, and within a month, the front of my hair had filled in. Several months later, my hair is completely turned around, all thanks to your amazing products. I'm getting ready to order from you again, and I just had to comment on how much you've changed my hair and my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Toni M.

I absolutely love your products. My hair has grown about 2 inches in a month. I have to send you photos. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.
Lisa Chappell

"I have been using NU-GRO for 2 weeks and I can see some hair on my sides. It's been years since I've seen that". Darnissa T., Minden LA

"It stopped my daughter's hair from shedding! I am 100% impressed". C.P.. Shreveport

"I use the shampoo and conditioner on my horses mane and tail. It makes em soft, and the tail goes "flying in the wind". Paula V., Shreveport, LA

"Y'all have the best stuff!" O.G., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I am very satisfied with this product.. I am completely satisfied", Gina, Shreveport, LA

"I have never use anything that worked this good." Dave K., Shreveport, LA.

"It really works! I started using 2 times a week to oil my scalp. It made my hair grow. I'm still using it - it still makes my hair grow." Janie B., Baton Rouge

"Before I started using Nu-Gro I could not get my hair to grow. I was so scared at times to even comb my hair because it was falling out so bad the doctor told me it was because of my nerves I took medications for it and still nothing. I used to be so ashamed of my hair that sometimes I would wear a wig or I would use track hair just to give me the length that I wanted. I use everything from Rogaine to the doctor prescribed medications and nothing helped until one day I went to this store, Buy and Save in Lake Charles and saw this product. I read the information on it so I just said why not, I've tried everything else, why not this? I used it for one week and I started to see a difference in my hair. My hair was not falling out like before and in a month my hair has grown a inch. Now after a year and half my hair is now about 12 inches long I don't have to worry about my hair falling out anymore. My hair finally has all the vitamins its needs to grow. Thank you very much for this product." Rosie, Beaumont, Texas

I just wanted to say this is the best product i have ever put in my hair.It makes my hair and my daughter hair feel soft and clean .This is a wonderful product.    Lynesha Martin, Kansas City, KS

Thanks 4 creating this product. Whatever is in it made my head stop itching so much. I have tried everything and this seemingly simple spray worked. AND GREW MY HAIR TOO. THANKS. Tamara, Shreveport

I have used your products and I am thrilled at how it makes it easy to manage and defines my natural curls. I think it actually changed the texture of my hair! Kimberly J., Shreveport, LA

I love the nu-gro super hair gro oil. It is brilliant because it grew my hair a lot. And I love the way it tingles when it's applied to the scalp. Shanice H., Jackson MS

"I'm AMAZED at how much my hair grew" Ida, Baton Rouge, LA

"I love it!" A. Johnson, Hair Salon Owner, Shreveport, La

 "I had a bald spot in the back of my head, and it's covered completely. I also had some itching in my scalp, and NU-GRO cleared it up." R. E. California

"I can attest to this wonderful product. It has changed my hair to MORE HAIR. And my 9 year old daughter, who suffered from hair loss, it has grown her hair tremendously. My belief is that NU-GRO can help anyone who suffers from any hair losses. You've got to try this product and let it work for you." L. Waters, Shreveport, LA

"I had a brown spider bite and became bald in the middle of my head. The Doctor said that my hair would most likely NOT grow back. I used NU-GRO for about 3 weeks and I saw hair". Kaneshia E., Minden,LA

"I saw results immediately! My daughter's perm had broke off her hair. I sprayed on the NU-GRO and her hair changed overnight!" Juanelle, Houston, TX

"My hair had been cut really low and for the last 4 months I have been using NU-GRO and my hair is on my shoulders". F.C., Minden, LA

My husband had bald spots on his head and beard. Within a week they were gone! Mrs Page, Shreveport

"I have always had problems with thin hair. After using NU-GRO... I noticed a thickness that I never had before. Needless to say I am very happy with my success with NU-GRO." Toni, California

I just wanted to say I started using the Nu Gro Spray Oil Free 4 days ago and I have ALREADY noticed the softness to my hair. My hair texture is so soft I really can't believe it. I highly recommend this product!! Alyxsa G. Washington State

"My sides were very thin, but when I started using NU-GRO, it took about a week and a half to grow back." A. White, Shreveport, LA

"My mother buys this in shreveport.. all her hair grew back. She was completely bald". Floyd, Mc Allen, TX

It's a great product! I use on all my kids. We all had thinning hair - now it is thickening. I'm telling you, my hair is thickening! When I used to take my braids out, I used to get a tip full of hair (coming out). Now, I have ALL my hair when I take my braids out.